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Program Overview

Connect Canada is helping to increase the amount of research and development in Ontario. The program matches undergraduate and graduate students with private-sector host companies (industry partner) for research internships. The interns work on research projects jointly developed by their faculty supervisor and the industry partner. 

Internships are four months in length, and should include a substantial documented interaction with the industry partner. 

The value of the total internship stipend is $15,000, funded equally between the industry partner, Connect Canada and the Ontario Centres of Excellence Talent Edge program. Connect Canada funding is stackable, allowing industry partners and academic researchers to leverage other sources of funding. 

Connect Canada takes no ownership of intellectual property generated through a placement. Intellectual property agreements are to be determined by the terms of the intern’s home institution, unless a separate agreement is negotiated between the university, the researchers and the sponsoring company.

2015 Connect Canada is managed by AUTO21 Inc. and supported by the University of Windsor