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Why Participate?

Now more than ever, companies must innovate to compete in the global marketplace. Research and development play key roles in innovation, and can lead to new and improved products, technologies, knowledge and services. 

Connect Canada offers a cost-effective way for companies to engage in advanced R&D. Connect Canada can help companies find a student who can help resolve the most pressing R&D issue. An investment of $5,000, the cost to secure a Connect Canada intern, could pay for itself multiple times depending on the outcome of the project. The company’s $5,000 investment is matched by a $10,000 contribution from Connect Canada and TalentEdge, providing total funding of $15,000 to the intern. 

Connect Canada takes no ownership of intellectual property generated through a placement. Intellectual property agreements are to be determined by the terms of the intern’s home academic institution, unless a separate agreement is negotiated between the academic institution, the faculty supervisor and the sponsoring company. 

Participation in Connect Canada is also a great way to find potential employees. Connect Canada interns not only bring research expertise, but also gain insight to your organization. 

2015 Connect Canada is managed by AUTO21 Inc. and supported by the University of Windsor